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QC Procedure.

For all products in storage, we perform appearance inspections by means of instruments and also make detailed inspection records correspondingly.

Items for Appearance Inspection                        

 1. Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)

 2. Outer Packing

 3. Tag Validation

 4. Part Number

 5. Marking Validation

 6. Manufacturer

 7. Date Code

 8. Batch Code

 9. Encapsulate State

10. Quantity

All questionable materials found by the appearance inspection must go through corresponding quality test in accordance with the particulars                              


                               1. Acetone Swab Inspection

                               2. X-Ray Inspection

                               3. De-Cap Inspection

                               4. DC Test

                               5. Key Functional Test

                               6. Full Functional Test

                               7. Lead-free Test